SD tech

SD tech

SD TECH Thailand sugarcane harvesters are produced in Thailand for Thai farmers and international, designed by experienced people with sugarcane cutters. Both in Thailand and abroad for more than 20 years. Eliminate all the weaknesses Of sugarcane harvester in the industry produced by standard factories In the production of agricultural products and processed steel for over 40 years, using standard parts that are acceptable in the sugarcane cutting industry. With after-sales service 24/7/24, receive 24-hour problems, 7 days a week Arriving at the venue within 24 hours



CATTERPILLER C 9 350 horsepower turbo charger

Electrical system


Drive system

Double pump mother, forward, backward and adjustable speed continuously

Hydraulic cylinder control system

solenoid valve

Steering system

Power steering wheel can be rotated

Chopping system

6 blades, adjustable cutting length

Top cutting system

4 layers, adjustable height - low And can rotate left-right

Spiral system for keeping the cane in front

4 sets (left 2, right 2), removable pads can be changed

Sugarcane cone cutting system

3 systems have time protection systems to find stumps and stones


Designed and manufactured from high quality steel, durable.

Conveyor roller system

hydraulic motor Can reverse direction

Belt system

hydraulic motor Forced the release of sugarcane

Big fan system

can adjust the wind speed With polyethylene cover

Second series blow system

second set fan system with polyethylene cover

Driver's room and safety system

Sound system


Emergency stop system


Fire extinguisher


air conditioning system


Front-back illumination


Fire suppresion system


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