TSP Metal Works can produce a full range of mechanical parts or fabrication works for various industries. We are equipped to provide a one-stop service with a professional team that has extensive experience and expertise in welding, assembly, rolling, cutting, folding, machining, casting, shot blasting, sandblasting, and painting, both in stainless steel and special steel grades. TSP can effectively support customer needs in industries such as cement plants, paper mills, power plants, and heavy industry.  

– TSP has expert technical consultants available for customer consultation.

– TSP offers integrated metal works with high technology to meet customers’ demand.

– TSP has the potential to supply steel, stainless steel, High Temperature alloy such as stainless steel grade 253 MA, wear resistant steel and Boiler Plate steel.

 – TSP’s team of engineer can provides customers with precise and accurate precision.

– TSP provides standard for monitoring and measurement tools such as advanced quality CIMCORE, and CMM.

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