TSP Metal Works can produce a full range of mechanical parts or Fabrication works in various industries. We have equipped to provide a one stop service with aprofessionals team with long experience, they have expertise in welding, assembly, rolling, cutting, folded, M/C, casting, shooting, sand, paint, both in stainless steel and special steel grades. TSP can support customer need effectively such as cement plants, paper mills, power plants, heavy industry.  

– TSP has expert technical for consultation to customers.

– TSP offers integrated metal works with high technology to serve customers’ demand.

– TSP has the potential to supply steel, stainless steel, High Temp, such as stainless steel grade 253 MA, wear resistant steel and Boiler Plate steel.

 – TSP’s team of engineer can provides customers with accurate precision.

– TSP provides standard for monitoring and measurement tools such as advanced quality

   CIMCORE, and CMM.

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