Sugarcane planting

The double-groove sugarcane planting machine can be mounted on a pickup truck for easy maintenance, helping to save labor and reducing the sugarcane cultivation process to just one step.


Sugarcane Grapper

    Designed for attachment to a tractor without modifying the vehicle, allowing the vehicle to be used for other purposes when the season ends. Easy to install and remove, durable, and flexible in operation.



The ripper, equipped with a 45 Hp engine, functions as a two-pin ripper and comes with slit leaves for cutting sugarcane leaves. It works quickly and allows for regular fertilization, adding 150 kilograms of fertilizer, reducing the need for frequent refills.



The cultivater model, with a 20-horsepower engine, comes with a versatile plow with 6 discs for soil cultivation and weed shredding. It has a fertilizer tank with a capacity of 50 kilograms for applying fertilizer after soil cultivation in the same pass. Suitable for small-sized tractors with 24 horsepower and above.


Cassava Planters

The cassava planter can also be mounted on a pickup truck for easy maintenance, saving labor and reducing the cassava planting process to just one step. It utilizes chopped and embroidered pieces and employs flexible rubber balls to avoid damaging the eyes.


Sugarcane handling baskets


Lower beam pusher set


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