Sugarcane planting

Double groove sugarcane planting machine Can open a pickup truck For maintenance Help save labor Reduce the process of sugarcane cultivation to only one step.


Sugarcane Grapper

     For attaching the tractor without modifying the car Therefore able to use the car for other uses When the season ends Easy to install and remove, not complicated, durable, flexible work.



Ripper embedded with 45 Hp as a 2-pin ripper, comes with slit leaves for cutting sugarcane leaves. Work fast Fertilize regularly, add 150 kilograms of fertilizer, so do not have to wait to fill fertilizer frequently.



Comes with 6 multi-purpose harrows Suitable for small tractors 24 or more


Cassava Planters

Cassava planter Can open the pickup truck for the breed For maintenance Help save labor Reduce the process of planting cassava to only one step. Chopped and embroidered pieces Use flexible rubber balls Not damage the eyes.


Sugarcane handling baskets


Lower beam pusher set


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